Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Left Out


As a committed latecomer to technological innovation, I have been thinking about -- but not writing -- a blog of my own for some time.  I suppose I got serious about opening this possibility in the wake of the abuse I've taken over the last few years from establishment media after I joined the ranks of the "conspiracy nuts."  The trouble started with the 2007 publication of Bobby and J. Edgar, my treatment of the series of events that began when Joe Kennedy broke in as a bootlegger and ended with the assassination of John Kennedy and Bobby.

My research and reasoning is laid out in the controversial Chapter 19 of that embattled volume.  Well before the book came out the furor started, reflected in the astonishment expressed by traditional reviewers that a "respected historian," as I was still considered for the moment, would dare to question the conclusions of the Warren Commission.  Over the more recent decades experts from as wide a range as the chief investigator of the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations to Richard Nixon -- who privately called the Warren Commission report "The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public" -- have echoed my fundamental conclusions.  Still, the coverup goes on. 

All this got me to thinking:  What else goes unexamined in the narrative media and government sources impose on us?  What else should we be considering?

This blog will attempt to pry open answers to a number of questions never answered -- and rarely asked -- about our public life.  Keep checking this blog.

Burton Hersh


  1. You've set the mission. Let's see your stuff.
    There is too much that is unexamined.

  2. Hope your blog is better than your tennis.....


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